Boo Hinkson

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Boo Hinkson at St. Lucia Jazz
Boo Hinkson with John legend
Boo Hinkson with President Bill Clinton
Boo Hinkson with friends at Big Chef Steakhouse
Boo Hinkson on stage at St. Lucia Jazz


Boo's Zephryn Records debut CD entitled "Beyond" and now his newly released CD "SHADES" are a testament to his growth as a musician and as a composer. "SHADES" is a rich, emotive and warm collection of contemporary and modern Jazz tunes delivered with his own unique Caribbean flair. With solid guest appearances from Arturro Tapin, "Pieces Of A Dream" vocalist Tracy Hamlin, Stacey Iman and other surprises, both "Beyond" and "SHADES" are well rounded musical gems. Boo's talent and presence are revealed in each track, bringing about a renaissance to romance. They are a true highlight of his versatility as a musician.

"Beyond" and "Shades" are available from Zephryn Records in select stores as well as on-line. Other releases from Boo include "Alive and well" and "Urban Drift", a collection of St. Lucian folk songs with a modern twist.